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Rules of the Coupon Draw by AMarkets

1. Basic terms and definitions

Contest organizer: The organizer of the Contest is AMarkets LLC (hereinafter AMarkets, Company, Organizer).

Contest participant: a citizen of any country in the world, except for the countries where AMarkets does not provide its services, who has attained the age of eighteen (18) years and performed the actions required to participate in the Contest in accordance with these Rules. Individuals who do not meet the specified requirements are not eligible to participate in the Contest and receive prizes. The Contest prizes cannot be shipped to countries where AMarkets does not provide its services.

Client’s Personal area: remote service software used by the Company and its Clients to provide and receive brokerage services. Personal area allows Clients to get access to their trading accounts and trading transactions at any time and from any device using an Internet connection and enables the exchange of information between the Company and the Client.

2. General provisions

2.1 The coupon drawing (hereinafter referred to as the Contest) is held by AMarkets in all countries except for the countries where AMarkets does not provide its services.

2.2 Both new and existing clients of the Company can participate in the Contest.

2.3 Contest period: from October 2, 2023 to October 31, 2023.

2.4 Terms and definitions in these Rules are used in accordance with the AMarkets Customer Agreement unless otherwise defined in these Rules.


3. Contest terms

3.1 A new or existing client of the Company who, during the Contest period, deposited $500 or more into their live trading account can participate in the Contest.

3.2 To participate in the prize draw, the Participant must, during the Contest period, fund their trading account in accordance with clause 3.1 and generate the required trading turnover on Fixed, Standard, ECN, Crypto accounts.

3.3 If the conditions of clause 3.2 are met, the Participant receives a coupon with a unique participant number. All coupons received are added to the “My Coupons” section in the Client’s Personal area. Each coupon is given for a deposit that is a multiple of $500. For example, for a $5,000 deposit, the Client receives 10 coupons, and for a deposit of $4,500 – 9 coupons.

3.4 The trading turnover in clause 3.2 is calculated based on trades that were opened and closed during the Contest period and only after the coupon was received. For example, if a Client opened a trade on October 2 – during the Contest period – but funded his account as part of the Contest only on October 3 and received his first coupon on October 3, then trades opened on October 2 will not be taken into account when activating the coupon(s). If a client opened positions with a total volume of 5 lots and closed 4 lots before the end of the Contest period, the trading turnover of 4 lots will be taken into account. If the Client opens positions before the start of the Contest, they won’t be taken into account during the activation of coupons.

3.5 To activate a coupon for $500, the Client has to generate a trading turnover of 1 lot. Accordingly, for a $5,000 deposit, the Client will receive 10 coupons and will have to generate a trading turnover of 10 lots to activate the coupons.

3.6 The Client can receive up to 16 coupons during the Contest period.

3.7 After the Contest ends, the Organizer will run a prize draw among the coupons activated by the Participants in accordance with clause 3.5 The winners will be selected randomly using the random number generator. The list of prizes and prize places are specified in Appendix 1 below.

3.8 If the Client violates the provisions of these Rules, the coupon(s) will be canceled.


4. Procedure for determining Contest winners and awarding prizes

4.1 The prize draw will be held from October 2, 2023, to October 31, 2023.

4.2 One Participant can receive only one prize during the Contest period if the Company decides to add more prize places after the start of the Contest. If during the winner selection process, in accordance with clause 3.7, several coupons of the Participant are picked as winning by the random number generator, only the first selected coupon will be counted as winning. The remaining coupons will not be taken into account, and the prizes assigned to these coupons will be drawn again.

4.3 The Participant of the Contest, who was included in the winners’ list in accordance with clause 3.7, is entitled to a prize. The Contest Participant will receive the cash equivalent of a prize, transferred to the Participant’s trading account with AMarkets.

4.4 Each winner will be notified by email sent to the address indicated in the Client’s Personal area, by push notification in the AMarkets mobile application and via a phone call from a personal manager if he is assigned to the Contest winner.

4.5 The prize will be granted to the Contest Winner only if all the requirements specified in clause 5 below are met. If the Contest Winner refuses to fulfill the requirements, he will be eliminated from the Contest and will not be granted a prize. In this case, AMarkets reserves the right to award another Participant.

4.6 In the event that the Winner does not answer calls and emails within five business days after the end of the Contest, they will be eliminated from the Contest, and the Organizer will select a new winner randomly in accordance with clauses 3.7 and 4.2.


5. Requirements for receiving a prize

5.1 To receive a prize, each Participant nominated for a prize in accordance with clause 4.3 undertakes to become an AMarkets brand ambassador and publish a post on their social media, adding the official hashtags of the Contest and the Company. If the Participant refuses to act as an ambassador after winning the Contest, this Participant will be excluded from the Contest and will not be entitled to a prize.

5.2 Winners of the Contest, in addition to fulfilling the conditions of clause 5.1, undertake to participate in an interview with a Company representative and answer the questions prepared in advance, which will be later made available to the general public.

5.3 Each Contest Winner – upon the Company’s request – also undertakes to make and provide the Company with a short video telling a story about their participation in the Contest. The video may be used by the Company for promotional purposes.

5.4 Contest Winners allow the Company to use their posts on social media dedicated to the Contest for advertising purposes.

5.5 Within one month after the end of the Contest, the Company may interact with ambassadors to organize joint marketing activities online and/or offline.


6. Final provisions

6.1 These Rules shall take effect from the moment of their publication on the Company’s website

6.2 The Company reserves the right to change these Rules at any time. In case of any amendments and/or modifications, the new version of the Rules will be published on the Company’s website and take effect from the moment of publication.

6.3 The Contest Organizer reserves the right not to allow any individual to enter the Contest/exclude the Participant from the Contest at its sole discretion without giving any prior notice and providing the reason.

6.4 The Contest Participant has the right to decline participation in the Contest by submitting a request in electronic form, confirming the Participant’s refusal to enter the Contest.

6.5 The Contest Participant undertakes to independently find out information about the changes, amendments and modifications to the Contest terms and conditions by contacting customer support through the website or calling the hotline, as well as to get familiarized with these Rules. All applications and claims will be accepted before October 31, 2023. Applications and claims received after October 31, 2023, will not be considered.

6.6 If the suppliers are not able to deliver the declared models of prizes specified in Appendix 1, the Contest Organizer has the right to substitute the listed prize with an analog of its own choice. The Organizer is not responsible for visual and other differences in the prizes. Images used in promotional materials on the official Contest website and other Internet portals are for illustration purposes only and may not be an exact representation of the prize. The Organizer reserves the right to change the prize list at its sole discretion and without giving a reason.

6.7 The Company reserves the right to exclude a participant from the contest or block their account in the following cases:

6.7.1 Identification of client account activity conflicting with the fundamental provisions of the Company’s regulations.

6.7.2 Detection of fraudulent actions by the client with the intent of illegal enrichment.

6.7.3 Deliberate exploitation of flaws in the Company’s trading or financial system for personal gain.

6.7.4 Any other actions carried out by the client that may harm the Company’s reputation or financial standing.

Appendix 1

List of prizes and the number of prize places in the Contest.

Place Prize Cash equivalent
1-4 iPhone 15 Pro Max 1299 USD
5-8 iPhone 15 Pro 1099 USD
9-12 iPhone 15 Plus 899 USD
13-16 iPhone 15 799 USD
Date of Last Revision 30/09/2023
AMarkets LLC registered in the Cook Islands with registration number LLC14486/2023